Land of Death and Doom

\***If you want me to tag anything please let me know what to tag and what you would like me to tag it as***/
for a certain time it might look like i only reblog one fandom but i do reblog other stuff.

oh my god I think I s

oh god I saw a doge shirt. I never thought that people actually wore them

doctor who: |||
snk: |

doctor who: ||

to pass the time I’m going to see how many fandom’s/people there are.
doctor who: ||
supernatural: ||
homestuck: |

half an hourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

holy shit I hate waiting in lines. especially when the thing opens at fucking ten

holy shit homestuck


I know I said that I’ll be back and that I’ll start reblogging again but my computer has been really slow lately and I’m just going to leave it off until Saturday. Hopefully it’ll be better by then. Again, I’m sorry for the extended absence.